Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2 years old

I really want to get back into blogging about my girl because I'm forgetting exactly when Fiona has started doing things :(. I'm going to really try & post again..even if it's just 1 line. I'm gonna try & update might be all scattered.

At the moment Fiona is talking up a storm. She started a few months ago saying 2 or 3 words together & soon after she's saying sentences. She talks so much.
Around 22 months old she knew all the alphabet. You'd ask her what letter something was & she would know the letter.
She knows how to count things & count in general. I've heard her go to about 15 or 16.
She's got a great memory & remembers names.
She recognizes types of cars. She knows I have a Nissan, daddy a Ford, nana a Mercedies & Goggie a Volvo. If she sees the logo somewhere she'll say "daddy's car". An example is while watching the Yankee game the Ford logo will be on wall in back & she'll scream "daddy's car". Same with the Subway Sandwich logo.
She's very outgoing & friendly to other kids. We've started MyGym classes & she loves it. Anywhere we go she gets right in & starts to participate. Sometimes she gets shy but most of the time she responds. Like at My Gym classes we sit in a circle & when we go around the room the coach will ask her name in front of the group, she has no problem announcing her name in front of everyone.
It's pretty early & I can't think of anything else at the moment. As the day goes on she'll probably do something & it'll remind me to blog about it. Crossing fingers I'll remember to blog again

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Word count at 16 months old

Fiona started talking somewhat late (according to her doctor at her 12 month appointment because she didn't have 3 words at that appointment) but once she started, she started which was around 14 months old with 5 words (old post:

A thread was started on a July 2009 baby board on about how many words your little was was saying so it got me thinking. I voted 9-12 words but after started writing them down I got 12 in a matter of a few seconds and I knew there was a bunch more. Some of the words aren't completely clear but I heard somewhere that the words should be ones that the parents understand & I do understand.

So here's my list:

1. Mama
2. Dada
3. Shea (our dog)
4. Oso (Special Agent Oso)
5. Mouse (Mickey)
6. Cup (sippy)
7. Banana (sounds like nana)
8. Apple
8. Up
9. Puffs
10. Cheerios (sounds like Oh oo's)
11. Phone
12. Hello
13. No
14. Hat
15. Hot
16. Shoes
17. Socks
18. Cream (sounds like keem)
19. Binkey (key key)
20. Gum
21. Thank you (tha yee)
22. Keys
23. Ball
24. Pool (which she hasn't said lately b/c it's winter)
25. Elmo
26. Phone (sounds like fo fuf)
27. Yes
28. Uh oh

These are the words she says on her own. There are words she tries to repeat after I say them that I didn't include. I'm sure I'm missing a few but these are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. (As the day goes on & I think of others I'll be sure to add them)

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Finally! Fiona is saying Mama! She's got a ton of other words which includes the dog's name & dada but she didn't say mama. Actually about a week ago she didn't even know who mama was! If you'd say a word she'd look at it (dada, Shea, ball, binkey, bed, tubby....) but say mama & she'd look around clueless. No one ever said it, not even me. The other day my husband tried to teach her. Then here & there the last few days we'd say it. Now she knows & when we ask her "who's that?" to me she says "mama". She's picking things up so quickly now. It's so exciting!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Walking all over

She's been walking all over the place for the last month. She still gets Early Intervention for low tone but she's getting stronger & stronger every day.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lots of steps

Fiona has been taking a lot of steps these days. She'll go from 1 side of the room to the other but her preferred method of transportation is still to crawl (or the bunny hop which is what she does). She LOVES to stand up all by herself (which she does really well) in the middle of the room & walk to me. As she's standing up a huge smile goes on her face as she looks at me...the look is like 'Ok mommy, I'm gonna do the thing you get so happy about' haha. Most of the time she gets so excited with her arms in the air which makes her wobbly & she falls...but she gets back up in the same spot & will continue her walk. Then there's sometimes she's really cautious & she'll catch herself from falling.
I'll try & get a video asap.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

First words

At Fiona's 12 month well baby visit the doctor was a bit concerned that she wasn't saying 3 words. I told her she was saying mamama & dada/daddy but not exactly to us. She told me to call her back in a month & see where she's at then. She's known what a lot of words mean for a while now & when you'd say them she'd go get them, but she wouldn't say them on her own. Last week it really started.
One morning I was walking past the kitchen table & she points & says "gom". I had no idea what she was saying. She's been saying the word "go" for a while so I thought that's what she meant. When I looked at what she was pointing to it was the gum, for some reason she loves my pack of gum. I thought it was so funny. She's also been saying ba for ball, poo for pool, tha tha or tha chew for thank you & tees for keys. She also tries to repeat a lot if things I say to her but so far those are the words she says on her own without even hearing me say it that day. I love it!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Took a couple steps

My girl took a couple steps today between me & my mom. I think having these Stride Rite walking shoes are really helping her with walking. The physical therapist from early intervention (for the "low-tone" in her legs/calves) takes her walking so I've been doing the same. Today she took about 3 steps all alone....not much but a big start! I'm so proud of my Fiona!

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