Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2 years old

I really want to get back into blogging about my girl because I'm forgetting exactly when Fiona has started doing things :(. I'm going to really try & post again..even if it's just 1 line. I'm gonna try & update might be all scattered.

At the moment Fiona is talking up a storm. She started a few months ago saying 2 or 3 words together & soon after she's saying sentences. She talks so much.
Around 22 months old she knew all the alphabet. You'd ask her what letter something was & she would know the letter.
She knows how to count things & count in general. I've heard her go to about 15 or 16.
She's got a great memory & remembers names.
She recognizes types of cars. She knows I have a Nissan, daddy a Ford, nana a Mercedies & Goggie a Volvo. If she sees the logo somewhere she'll say "daddy's car". An example is while watching the Yankee game the Ford logo will be on wall in back & she'll scream "daddy's car". Same with the Subway Sandwich logo.
She's very outgoing & friendly to other kids. We've started MyGym classes & she loves it. Anywhere we go she gets right in & starts to participate. Sometimes she gets shy but most of the time she responds. Like at My Gym classes we sit in a circle & when we go around the room the coach will ask her name in front of the group, she has no problem announcing her name in front of everyone.
It's pretty early & I can't think of anything else at the moment. As the day goes on she'll probably do something & it'll remind me to blog about it. Crossing fingers I'll remember to blog again


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