Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More teeth!

Fiona started getting her teeth at 4 months old & by 10 months she had 8 teeth. A month ago I noticed her back left 1st molar out when she opened her mouth. I'm just used to her always shoving things in her mouth so I never really check her mouth any more. Yesterday at the doctor's she was really trying to shove her hands in her mouth...I thought it was just a nervous thing since the doctor was talking to us. Well, last night I noticed a point on the bottom left canine so I decided to check her mouth. She's got the top 2 molars coming out too...she's got 3 teeth coming out at the same time!
So at the moment she's got top and bottom of the central & lateral incisors, bottom left canine, and three 1st molars to make it a total of 12 teeth! My little munchkin! She's so good about it all too!

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