Friday, August 6, 2010

Sippy cup & climbing

(I've totally skipped a few months & milestones so I'll have to update a post with all that....but since I haven't it's been screwing me up & I'm getting backed up even more. I'm gonna try & add from today on as it happens & hopefully go back & update the crawling, standing, cruising & stuff like that.)
She drank out of a sippy cup! I've tried giving it to her here & there but she never sucked. She's always Bern bottle fed so all she did/do is squeeze the nipple & formula comes out. Yesterday I gave it to her again after a long time of not & she did it right away! I was so happy.

Also yesterday as I was sitting on my iPhone not paying attention I looked up at her & she was standing on her table! I have no idea how she got on it but she was standing straight up! She must've used the play yard to pull on but what did she step on? There were no toys close by. I know she loves to climb stairs but this was shocking to me.

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