Tuesday, August 10, 2010

12 month doctor visit

Fiona had her 12 month doctor's visit yesterday. It seems like I can't leave there 100% relieved. At her 6 month is when she was diagnosed with tortillas and low tone & needed early intervention. Then 9 month they asked me to come back each month to remeasure her head because she wasn't following the growth chart curve. Of course I freaked because these are the months she's learning to pull up & move around so she's bumping her head more often. I'm thinking her head is swelling or something. Now it seems like she's back on track & on a different curve.
Now at this 12 month visit they're telling me she should be saying at least 3 words & they must mean something. She says "dada", "mama", "baba" and her new favorite word "go". She knows what the words mean along with binky, sippy cup & ball but she doesn't say it to get our attention. I've heard her say dada when he'd walk away or something but doesn't say dada or mama when she wants us. She doesn't say baba or binky when she wants it. This seems to be a problem to the doctor. She now wants me to really pay attention to this & call or go back in a month.
She did 2 shots (pneumococcal conjugate & varicella) & did well. They wanted to give her MMR but I asked to hold off for the moment until I read about it more...I was unprepared. I do plan to give her all her shots but since this is the one linked to autism I wanted to read up on it a little. When I go back next month for the 3 words update I'll most likely have them give it to her then.
Her height is 29.5", weight 18lbs 8oz & the (big) head measurement is 46.5cm.
She told me to start giving whole milk now & basically stop formula. I'm not gonna just stop like that so I'm giving half formula & half milk for a little while (even tho that means I have to buy another can of formula). She also said that she only needs 2-3 bottles of milk (instead of 4 of formula) so she'll start eating more food. That's gonna be tough because Fiona prefers a bottle but we shall see.

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Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! Wow...where has this year gone, huh? :) I just wanted to reassure you about Fi and how much she is "saying". Ruthie only says 3 "words" right now that actually have meaning... momma, dada, and more (when she wants more food..though it comes out more like MO!) :) She understands A LOT more words then that...and that is what our pediatrcian says is more important. If Fi is understanding words and able to communticate (pointing, signing, etc) then the words will come in their own time. Isaac (who is 6 now) didn't really talk until he was 2 years old. Now he talks clearly and all the time. It never hurts to make sure and follow up...but don't let it cause you any undo stress or worry. Trust me...soon enough she will be jabbering your ear off :) :)

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