Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bottle to sippy & formula to milk

Trying to stop the bottle & use a sippy cup instead is harder than I thought. I didn't think she cared about the bottle it self, I just thought she wanted what's inside & to not be hungry anymore. At her 12 month well baby visit the doctor told me to give regular milk & start using sippy instead of the bottles. As simple as that sounds it's not. I tried just giving the sippy cup & it wasn't working. I didn't really have a plan on how I was gonna do it, I was just going to give the sippy & that's it. Well, that didn't work well for me or her. Some feedings I gave her all milk, 1/4 milk, 2/3 milk, some would be bottles, other times sippy...I had no idea at the end of the what I did. Besides her not being happy, I was unorganized. After a few days of being unsuccessful I'm getting organized.
For 2 days I gave her 4 oz of milk & 4 oz of formula all in a bottle. In between I'd give her water & juice (the sippy cup in general is new to her too so she needs to just learn to use it). Now that she's realizing her formula is tasting a little different I've started taking away the 1pm bottle & put her 4oz milk & 4oz formula in just that 1 bottle. It's been about 5 days & she's doing awesome! The 1st day it took probably almost 2 hours to drink it! Good thing it was hot that day so we had the air conditioner on full blast. Each day got better & now she drinks practically the entire thing within 15 minutes! This morning I gave her 5oz of milk (took the chill out of it in the microwave this time since there's more milk) & 3 oz of formula in the bottle. I plan on doing this all day & tomorrow give the sippy cup for the 4pm bottle. I'll probably continue with the morning & bedtime bottle for another month until she's 100% on formula.
Being organized seems to make things go smoother. She's never had any kind of schedule with anything but now it seems like we need one now that she's getting older.
I'll continue to update on how things are going.

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