Saturday, September 26, 2009


One thing I'm still finding very difficult doing is house cleaning. I got an ok way to vacuum and that's by using my baby carrier. By the time I'm finished my back is killing me, but hey the floors are clean. My entire apartment is hardwood except the bathroom & kitchen which are tile. I use a vacuum instead of Swiffer because I have a Rottweiler mix that sheds a lot.

Lexi & Shea

If I were to use a Swiffer I'd go through probably 10 cloths in 1 day. My little stick vacuum works great except it's kind of low so vacuuming while carrying her can get painful sometimes. This is one thing that should be done every day but that's not easy, I do try & do it every other day. We do have a fence up so she's only allowed in the living room & our bedroom. For Christmas I'm going to ask someone to get me a new super-duper stick vacuum, I gotta find a good one. I love my Swiffer Wet Jet, makes me not hate mopping especially since I have to mop the entire apartment. My major problem is the actual cleaning & scrubbing, especially in the bathroom & kitchen. Once I spray everything down with Lysol & let it sit for 5-10 minutes so it disinfects she'll sometimes wake up & cry. Or I'll be in the middle of wiping everything down, she'll wake up & cry so I got chemicals all over my hands.
Once I start cleaning I want to finish. I also have to be in a certain mood to clean & for some reason it's always when my husband isn't home. Now that I have a baby I really have to try & find a way to make this work. Keeping the apartment clean is more important now than ever.
Today I got lucky! She's napping in her Boppy pillow. Of course I felt like cleaning & my husband is at work for a half a day. I figured I'd just do at least the bathroom. Sprayed everything down with Lysol. I came into the living room to dust while it was sitting then went back in to scrub the bathroom. Got those 2 rooms done, went to the bedroom then the kitchen, then the computer/sewing room then the baby's room....yay, I got everything done in an hour & a half and she's still sleeping. I am gonna leave the floors until either she's awake or my husband comes home. If I continue to do this 2 times a week instead of weekly I'm hoping I can get a flow going.

If anyone has any great cleaning tips for when you have a 2 month old I'd love to hear them.


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