Saturday, February 27, 2010

Where's Shea?

Fiona knows our little dog Shea by name. No matter what's she's doing, even if she's crying and you say to her "Where's Shea?" she'll look around for her. She knows where Shea is the most & will look there. If you're holding her she'll lean over & look on the floor. If she's in her Bumbo she'll look over on the couch then on the floor.
My husband noticed it last week when we were at a restaurant & she was having a bad day (she's always happy so we were almost unsure what to do that day). He was holding her in the lobby & he says "Where's Shea?", she stopped crying and looked to the ground. Now I do it all the time & she looks. I showed my dad yesterday & he was so surprised.
Now I'm doing it all the time with my husband.... "Where's Dada?"

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kellytirman said...

It has been two weeks - I need a Fiona update :). Hope you guys are doing well.

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