Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 months & 3 weeks old

I would normally blog when she's 7 months but since I'm so bad at blogging I might as well do it now since I can. She's a week away from 7 months & growing so fast.
Here are some things she's doing now...
While shes having her bottle she likes watching her hand & moving it around, closing & opening it.
Saying Mama & Dada but not to us yet. It's funny because when she does her fake cry (and a real cry) she says "Mama Mama" while she whines.

Sitting really good now. Before she'd sit on the couch or another really soft spot but now she can sit good on a hard surface. I wouldn't let her do it unattended yet but she lasts a good while & catches herself from falling.
Eating Gerber Stage 1 organic food good & rice cereal really good. Basically everything I've given her so far she's liked: Rice Cereal, Sweet Potato, Applesauce, Peas, Peaches, Prunes & Carrots. We're doing 1 new food every 3 days of the Stage 1. She has her normal bottles during the day & eats 3 times a day, usually 1 hour after a bottle. I started with 1/2 tub/jar of food daily, then twice a day & now a full tub twice a day. She has fruit in morning & veggie in afternoon. At night before bed she has the cereal (and sometimes in the morning) because I noticed if I gave her food at 8pm she'd wake up during the night.
She's making all sorts of noises & makes funny faces. My last blog post is a video of her doing it.
Has been playing with toys for a while now but she really enjoys them now. If she drops it she'll try & reach to get it. If it's a little too far but she can reach it with the tips of fingers she'll try & tap it towards herself until it's grab-able.
She reaches for you to pick her up.
She's always grabbing for my phone or the remote control. If there are 2 new bright fun looking toys and the plain boring remote control sitting in front of her, she'll grab the remote. I had to take my necklace off because when I would pick her up she would move my shirt out of the way to pull on it.

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