Monday, February 1, 2010

6 months old

Been a while since blogging but that's mainly because there haven't been any major milestones to blog about until now...
She's eating food. I started giving her Gerber Rice Cereal. Her doctor said that at her 6 month appointment we'd start her on it. Well her appointment is only a couple days away on Monday so we had started a week early. The reason we started was because she was ready. When she watched us eat her mouth would be moving with us as we ate like she could taste what we were eating. Also when I was eating ice cream or (the milk from my) Raisen Bran cereal, I'd give her a very tiny taste on tip of the spoon. She'd open her mouth & knew just what to do so I knew she was ready. We figured her appointment was only a week away so why not.
She's doing a great job. She'll open her mouth & swallows most of it. I've only been feeding her once or twice a day & only takes about 1 to 1.5 oz (of the 2 oz formula with 2 tbs of cereal mixture) but it's a start.

Even though I'm terrible with laying her down on her activity mat or anywhere else she did roll over once. As I mentioned before she's either in her Bumbo, swing, jumper, sitting on the arm of the rocking chair with me or sometimes on the Boppy pillow. There aren't a crazy amount if times she's laying down except at night when she's sleeping. The past few days I am putting her on the activity mat & last weekend she rolled from her back to her belly. I didn't get to see her actually do it but she did. She has been almost rolling over but she's usually laying on her belly on her arm so she'll turn back.

There haven't really been any other major milestones yet but the things she was doing before got better/stronger in the past 2 months since I last blogged...
She loves playing with her toys. She has a swing that have 2 stuffed animals hanging off by Velcro & as soon as I put her in the swing she pulls them right off. She twiddles & spins the things on her jumper. Anything you hand towards her she will grab. She will also grab everything that's close by like my glasses, my cell phone, the remote control & even pulling my hair. Everything goes in her mouth & I'm wondering if she's teething. She's so close to sitting unattended. She can sit on my lap without me holding her but not good on a straight surface. She makes this high pitched noise & if you do it back she will have a "conversation" with you. She's a little better with tummy time especially when I use the Boppy pillow.

She has a great schedule. We always woke her up to feed her because in the beginning the doctor told us she must eat every 3 hours & can have one 5 hour stretch. Even after we stopped doing that I always woke her at 10pm to feed her before putting her to bed. Since 6 weeks old she's slept through the night.

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