Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fiona's Best Friend

Fiona loves my little Yorkie Shea (my big dog Lexi & Fiona don't pay any attention to each other). Shea is like a 2nd pacifier to Fiona, if Fiona is in a bad mood just put Shea right in front of her & she'll make her happy. Fiona will be in her jumper & when Shea walks past her Fiona will just laugh & laugh, it's so adorable! I was actually very worried about how Shea was going to react to Fiona when we brought her home from the hospital because Shea acted like she owned me & I treated her like a baby. Shea was great with her. At first she was curious, always following & sniffing her but didn't do anything bad. Now Shea doesn't do that anymore & doesn't pay too much attention to Fiona but seems to understand she's a baby. If Fiona is kicking her legs & kicks Shea, Shea will turn to see what's hitting her, sniff Fiona's foot, lick her foot & will just stay right there being kicked. I have a feeling Fiona & Shea will be buddies.
Fiona w/ Shea DSC_0036
Fiona w/ Shea DSC_0040


kellytirman said...

We have a white pekingese and we are experiencing similar things to you.

Everyone says little dogs and babies don't mix - I guess we just happen both have little dogs that are okay with babies - lucky us :)

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