Thursday, December 10, 2009

4 month Dr Appt & 1st cold

Today Fiona & I went for her 4 month doctor appointment. I was upset that the only appointment I was able to get was on a day when my husband wasn't off so I had to go alone. I just feel so bad having to hold her still when she has to get the shots. Today she was really good though, she only cried for a second after each of them. It was much better this time than last time at her 2 month shots.
She measured & weighed normal - her head was 41.5 cm (16.3") & weight 13 lbs 7 oz which is in the 50th percentile. Her height is above at 25.5" which is in the 90th percentile....that's why when she outgrows something it's always in length. Both her parents are tall so what can I expect - I'm 5'8" & he's 6'1".

This past week she's had a runny nose. It was strange the way it would come & go through out the day. She'd be fine all day, not a sniffle & nose completely clear....then later on in the evening she's be all stuffed up or have a runny nose. The mucous was clear so it's not an infection, I called the doctor last week when I noticed it first & they said to to watch her. I just thought it was her first cold so I tried keeping her in the house all week. Then 2 days ago Tuesday I noticed a tooth which I thought was the cause of this on & off runny nose....until yesterday, when I started with a runny/stuffy nose. The doctor today said her lungs were clear & it could be just a cold. I've been using that bulb sucker to try & get it out which she hates. Last night it seemed to have gotten a tad bit worse. She's acting normal but felt a little warm. I checked her temp & it was normal but I was glad we had a doctor's appointment today. Last night while she slept I kept checking her, I set my cell phone's alarm clock to wake up just to check her. I will be doing that again tonight especially since she got those shots. I'm kinda thinking we should have waited until she was better to get the shots but the doctor said it was ok. This afternoon she started having a cough. It's a dry cough like she has a tickle in her throat. I really hate that my poor baby has this annoying cold. It's a very very slight cold, but it's lingering on forever.


Crysi said...

She's one tall little girl!

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