Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1st Tooth

Today I noticed Fiona's very first tooth starting to come through. As of today (according to my lilypie counter) Fiona is 4 months, 1 week & 1 day old today. For a while she's been drooling & putting everything in her mouth but I just figured it was baby stuff. My husband kept saying "she's got to be teething" but since she's been basically acting the same I didn't think it was teething. Well today she grabbed my hand & stuck my finger in her mouth. I don't normally let her do this because hands can be very dirty (no matter how often you wash them) but since I had just washed them I let her. Since my finger was in there I thought it was a good time to feel around her gums....and that's when I felt it...a sharp tiny little hard thing poking up from the bottom. When I looked I saw this tiny little white point. I touched it again to make sure it wasn't formula or something & it wasn't, it's a tooth! I couldn't believe it. I called my husband right away & told him. Then I called my mom of course.
I tried getting pictures, maybe I'll get a better one later. She moves around a lot & that tongue goes crazy so it's a tough one...


Sam and His Parents (Angie and Brian) said...

Way to go Fiona!! My son isn't even close to teething and he is 8 months old.

kellytirman said...

great picture of the tooth BTW - that could not have been easy.

humpsNbump said...

Wow!! Teething already. I feel like my 7 month old has been drooling and putting things in her month since the start but no tooth yet. Take lots of pic of her gummy smile while you still can!! :)

~ humps

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