Friday, November 6, 2009

Trying to roll over

I have to admit that I am TERRIBLE when it comes to Fiona's tummy time. I know how important it is for strengthening her upper torso & neck muscles...but she hates it! Since she hates it I hate making her do it. She gets so frustrated when she's on her tummy & I always feel so bad. I do try & do it a couple times a week but it doesn't normally happen & if it does it will only be for about 1 minute or 2.
The other day we put her down for the first time in a while. While I'm watching her (huff & puff) I see her actually trying to roll over. She barely ever does tummy time but yet she knows exactly what she's supposed to do. She puts her left arm completely straight & pulls it against her body. Then with her right hand/arm she ties to push her body over. It was so crazy to watch her do this because she knows what she is supposed to do...that it won't be an accident when she rolls over. I really have to put her for tummy time, it will be so exciting to see her roll over..I hope I can get a video of it.

(3 months old)


Crysi said...

I'm horrible with tummy time too! Between Adia's toys & 2 babies, it's hard to find the space or time. They girls can get roll to their sides though & have perfected the back scoot. I am hoping they wait a long te before crawling though

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