Friday, November 6, 2009

Fiona starting to "talk"

Lately Fiona has been trying to "talk" & when you talk to her she makes noises was random & not very loud but really cute. For about 3 days now she is definitely talking back. She's been really loud & the excitement in her face as she's doing this is the best. She acts like she is really talking back to you. I think this is my favorite milestone so far. The other milestones are great, especially the smiling, but there is something about this babbling that I really love. Her voice gets high pitched while she smiles & jumps around. Her eyes get wide open & she looks so happy. It's like she's really communicating with me.

(3 months & 5 days old)


Talina said...

So cute! Just a few months ago my E was doing that... Now I am just waiting on that official first word, LOL!

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