Friday, November 13, 2009

First Photo Session

I can't believe I didn't blog about our very first photo session at Sears...

We went for Fiona's very first (of many to come) photo session. I kept meaning to go but didn't. I'm really kicking myself for not getting pictures done when she was 1st born & still had her belly button stump...I love those photos where the baby is laying on their tummy on the father's arm sleeping (in black & white) or when they put her on a shelf on top of towels in the bathroom. Then blow it up, frame it & hang it on the wall...but I didn't. I've loved those kind of pictures from before having my own baby. Oh well next time I will for sure, by then I hope to be a decent photographer myself so I can do it.

So about 2 weeks ago we went to Sears. I was up at my parents so me & my mom went over to have them done. When I got there I remembered all the coupons I had at home which was 45 minutes away. I get Sears photo coupons all the time, they usually pile up with some other mail then eventually go in the garbage. When I was there I remembered the coupon had a no sitting fee which is $15 but that's all I remembered. My mom didn't care & said she'll pay for the sitting fee & her pictures, and I buy what I want. Each page is $9 and they didn't have any packages. I thought it was all a bit steep but this was my 1st time so I didn't know. I ordered 2 pages for now & if I wanted more I would order them. My mom also ordered 2 pages and she wanted hers printed on the spot (which is why we went there & not Walmart), $4 per page extra so the total came out to like $80. When I got home I wanted to scream...and loud. Those Sears coupons are very good. If you don't have a coupon I would not go to Sears to have pictures done. We could have gotten more than what we ordered for $7.99 TOTAL! No sitting fee PLUS they have packages if you have a coupon. If I knew this and actually read the coupons I get in the mail I would have NEVER, in a million years had them done unless I had a coupon.
Anyway the pictures came out great. She was in a great mood and kept smiling & smiling. The photographer had even said "How old is she?" "She smiles a lot for her age". I put her in 3 different poses & backgrounds: casual wear, her christening dress & a pumpkin outfit. The pumpkin ones didn't come out the greatest so I didn't order those. I did take a screenshot from the Sears website so the photo's are small but these are all of them-
Fiona Sears

We picked this christening one:

The only reason I have the baptism one is because my mom had the printing done on the spot. Once I get the casual one I'll scan it & add it to this post.
Even though it was really expensive (when it didn't have to be) it was a great first photo session, Fiona did great!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

She is DARLING!!! they were all worth it, right? I am
bad with saving coupons, too.

I also saw your comment about the mei tai. Hope you love it! It's my all time fave.


Mindy Koob said...

She's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

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