Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Almost 2 months old!

I can't believe Fiona is almost 2 months old! You don't realize how big she's gotten until you look back at pictures & I have taken a ton of those!!

Here is a picture of her when we were leaving the hospital a few days old--

and here is one now--
39/365 So pretty
In the beginning everyone said she looked like her father but now everyone says me. I really don't see it. Maybe when she gets a bit older she'll look like us a bit more.
I've really gotten to know my baby girl in the past 7.5 weeks. Her different kinds of cries, especially the fake one...that fake cry is so cute & so funny. She likes laying in her Boppy pillow but doesn't like her swing or the bouncer. I'm thinking one of these days she'll start liking them (fingers crossed). She hates laying on her belly! I'm trying to get her used to it because I read that it helps with strengthening her neck muscles. So I've been putting her onto her gym mat for a minute or 2 (as long as I can get before she starts fussing) to get her used to it.
Tummy time

She is on a pretty good schedule. She eats every 3-ish hours (give or take) during the day & takes from 3 to 5 ounces of formula (usually 3.5 to 4). Since about week 6 (2 weeks ago) she's been sleeping through the night!! Yay!! In the beginning she'd sleep & wake up every 3 hours, eat then go right back to sleep. Now she eats at around 10:30pm, goes to sleep around 11:30pm and wakes around 6:30am. I'm still having to wake her at 10:30pm to eat because it seems like after 8pm is when she'd like her long sleep period to be. That's not gonna work for me because that would mean she'd wake up at 4am so I gotta get her used to 10:30pm.

So far she had learned to smile & give a slight laugh. She can follow me when I'm walking around the room & if she hears my voice she'll try & find it. At first she didn't like the Jeep carrier I have for her but after a few rides in it she loves it! It really makes everything a lot easier! If you don't have a carrier then get one!
40/365 Graduated
She still isn't really liking the stroller but she does like the car ride now. At first she would cry the entire time but now she will usually fall asleep. When we took her home from the hospital in the middle of the hot summer we stopped swaddling her because of the heat. Once the cooler air came I tried swaddling her again. She was not having that & would try to fight her arms out. I hate when she wake up her hands being cold so before she goes to sleep I swaddle her with her arms out & when she falls asleep I just stick her arms in (I use the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe). I also started doing this 2 weeks ago so I'm thinking this might also be helping out with her sleeping all night.
These past 7 weeks have been amazing!! I have such a great little baby & I love her like crazy!! Come on look at this face!!
38/365 "I didn't do it"


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