Friday, September 3, 2010

Bye-Bye Baba

Fiona is no longer using a bottle or drinking formula! She's all cow's milk in a sippy cup. It took almost a month but we did it. After I got a different sippy cup than the Avent one we had it made things much better. I'm not sure if it was because the Playtex and the Take & Toss ones have a hard plastic spout but she took to them very well.
I started by giving 1 sippy a day (the afternoon) until I saw she was drink it well. Then I started giving her a sippy at night before bed. The hardest one I thought was going to be the morning one. She seems to wake up really hungry & she's used to just biting down on the nipple & the formula pouring out, but with the sippy she has to work for it. Surprisingly she did well. It's been about 5 days & no bottle!
With the formula I started by giving 1/2 milk & 1/2 formula. After about a week I'd give her 1 afternoon sippy with just milk depending on how hungry she was. Every few days I would give 1oz more of milk than formula until we were down to only 2oz of formula in her morning bottle. For the last week the only reason I was giving it to her was because I wanted to finish what I had.
During all this I was trying to give her more solids. The pediatrician said to cut down on the milk so she'll eat more. Before starting all this she was taking about four 8oz bottles of formula. The pedi said to give her only about 16oz of milk. She's still taking about 20oz of milk but once she starts eating & liking table food I'll give her less. At the moment I'm trying to give her table food but she's just picking here & there...I still give her the jar baby food as her meals. I think at some point soon she'll start eating our table food but I'm not going to rush her into things.
So at 13 months old Fiona is bottle & formula free! That's my girl!

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Elaine A. said...

So I guess I should start now... My baby girl is a little over 11 months and shows no signs of wanting to give up the bottle but I'm ready NOW! HA! Glad your little one is all set now! :)

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