Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top teeth

Fiona's top teeth are coming. The other day I did notice a tiny speck on top where her top-middle-left tooth was coming. I looked this morning and both top teeth are coming out. She gives me a really hard time when I try to look so I'm most likely not gonna get pictures for this milestone. I am able to get a quick look at them and I can feel them tho. Other than having moments of being cranky you'd never know she's teething. She's not drooling, her cheeks or chin aren't rashy and she's not putting things in her mouth any differently than she usually does, no runny nose. When she got her bottom teeth she had all those signs & symptoms. Both top teeth look like they're completely through the gums, they just have to grow.
It just goes to show you how all babies are different. She had her first 2 teeth by 4 months old. About a week or two of seeing her 1st tooth her 2nd bottom popped up. Now its 4 months later & we're just getting the top 2 and they're coming at the same time.
My little munchkin is gonna have 4 teeth!

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