Thursday, April 29, 2010

Army Crawl

I've never been good with putting Fiona down for tummy time. As I mentioned before she hated it! As soon as she'd start crying (which was right away) I'd pick her up. For a little while I've been trying to put her down little by little to get her used to it but I wasn't being consistent. After reading that basically all babies her age are crawling I had to get on this! I went & got one of those puzzle blocks from Toys R Us that go on the floor so I can leave them in the living room. I kept putting her down more & more. The other day she rolled or hopped off the blocks & was on the hard wood floor. (I never let her on the bare floors because I'm a bit of a germaphobe & between us walking with shoes & the dogs it's gross to me. Lexi sheds a lot! I just ordered a cordless stick vacuum because I'm gonna have to vacuum every single day, maybe even twice!) I noticed she could slide so I put her on the bare floors more often during the day. She also liked being there, I guess it's a change to her. Once she noticed she can move easy she started doing this more & more. It hasn't even been a week yet & she's sliding all around the little area in the living room! (My living room isn't big & its filled with furniture but she has a spot.) She does her little army crawl to get her paci or a toy. She'll spin in a circle to follow Shea (our little dog). It's just amazing how fast she picked this up! If I would've put her down sooner she probably would've been crawling already. Now I really have to get a gate for the stairs! She's still pretty slow & I'm right there next to her but I need to get it before she does! I'll be at Toys R Us today!
I'll add a video asap!

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