Sunday, April 4, 2010

3rd tooth

Her 3rd tooth is now poking through - it seems like it took so long even though I know she was just really early getting the other 2. The first 2 bottom teeth came so fast when she was only 4 months old so I was kind of thinking the top would've came sooner. I look often & about 2 days ago I noticed the smallest white speck on her top gum. When I felt for it I could just barely feel it, but I guess since it wasn't through much yet it wasn't sharp. When I felt her other teeth when they were first coming through they felt like razor blades. Today you can now feel it & it's getting sharp. She didn't have the symptoms she had the last time (drooling like crazy or red cheeks & chin) but since I noticed it really early they still may come. So far the crabbiness has started. She's just been so unhappy the past 3 days. I try giving her cold teethers & Tylenol but they don't always help. I feel so bad.
I'll will try & get a picture when it comes through more.


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