Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tummy Time

When we were at Fiona's 4 month doctor's appointment I mentioned to the doctor how terrible I am at putting Fiona down for tummy time. I told the doctor how much she hates it so I don't do it. While talking she suggested I put something under her chest to keep her up. So when we got home I gave it a try with our Boppy pillow & it worked great for longer than normal....but it seemed like her back was arched up too much.
While shopping for her Christmas gifts I saw a Boppy activity mat on Amazon so I got it. The past couple days I haven't had much time to *really* put her on it until today. I got the small area rug (that I put in the was with the new bathroom mats so all the lint got all over it) & put on the Boppy activity mat. She played on it for about 10 minutes....this is very good for her. She was grabbing at the toys, making her new high pitched noise/laugh & really seemed happy. This is really great & after time we can turn that 10 minutes to 15 minutes to 20 minutes & on. Knowing she's happy will get me to do tummy time more often.

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Anonymous said...

Yay for me - I'm having the same problem with my Butterball. He's 18 weeks, and has no interest in tummy time. I think we'll try this tomorrow!

natalie said...

Great idea! Also, time that your baby spends upright in a carrier also counts as tummy time because it strengthens the same core muscles... so if you're babywearing, that time counts too! :)

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