Wednesday, October 7, 2009

2 month Dr Appt

Fiona had her 2 month check up on Monday which means her first set of shots. They weighed her & she was 10 lbs & 12 oz which was good and she was 23 1/4" long which she said was above average.

57/365 2 month Shots

We spoke with the doctor about how things were going & which little milestones she's reached (like lifting her head, following with her eyes). Then the nurse came in with the shots. I'm so glad I scheduled the appointment on a day he was off because I'm not sure I'd be able to hold her while she was crying. First the nurse gave the oral liquid stuff which Fiona took with no problem. Then the shots....and there were 3 of them. Frank said that when the nurse did the 1st one he was looking at Fiona in the face & she looked shocked right before she started screaming crying. Then she gave the 2nd & the 3rd shot. Fiona was screaming crying with each shot but after the last one she stopped crying like a minute later. After we left the office & put her in the stroller she was out like a light.


Yakini said...

Omg she is so cute! Who does she look like now, mommy or daddy (or both)?

She is gaining weight nicely!

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