Thursday, October 1, 2009

1st Walmart Trip

Being I'm not working & I really don't want to "have" to go back I'm really trying to be better at finding deals & not paying a lot/full price for things. I started using coupons & I gonna make a list of things I can get at Walmart. Walmart isn't close to me here in NYC, it's about 30 mins on the highway so I have to need a lot of stuff to make the trip worth it. Yesterday Fiona & I made our first trip there & it was my very first time going major shopping with her. I've never been to this Walmart so it was definitely a learning experience & will make my future trips much easier. First I parked in the lot across the street & paid for 3 hours thinking I would go to the Galleria Mall that's down the street afterward. While I'm in the store filling up my cart, after having my cart filled with a lot of stuff, I realized I wouldn't be able to take my cart over to that parking lot where my car is. I asked someone in the store & they said "oh you didn't park in the lot upstairs? It's free parking for Walmart customers". Isn't that just lovely?! Anyway I continued to fill up my cart because I figured if the manager sees the amount of money I will be spending they wouldn't mind holding my cart so I could go get my car & bring it upstairs. Ok so I went, got my car & finished my shopping. After I was done I got in the elevator to go to my car. Not realizing there are about 4 flights of parking I totally forgot to see what floor I was on! I've never done this before. So here I am going floor to floor trying to find my car. I have Fiona crying because she's hungry. I'm freaking because it's cold, I'm starving, she's crying because she's starving & I have no idea where my car is. Finally the last floor I checked was my floor. Got to the car & threw all the stuff in as fast as I could so I could now feed my starving baby. Got her fed, burped, changed & headed home. My first mistake was leaving the house hungry myself. My plan was to go to Walmart, then to Baby Gap to return something then food shopping. I was so hungry I decided I'd just go home & eat then go food shopping...I'll do Baby Gap another day. It was definitely a crazy day but next time will be much better. Fiona was an angel! I had her in the car seat on top of the cart & in the beginning she would fuss if the cart wasn't moving. I would just rock the cart & she was fine. She fell asleep about 15 minutes into my shopping & didn't wake up until I was about to leave. I will not mind doing that again, I just have to make sure I have eaten!


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